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HaeMin ONESHOT: You Don't Know How I Feel

Posted on 2012.07.30 at 16:18
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Listening to: "Monster" - BIGBANG
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Title: You Don't Know How I Feel
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: DongHae x SungMin (HaeMin)
Genre: Romance
Warning(s): Bad language and poor grammar. Mianhae
Words: 1118 (UNEDITED)

"HAE! WATCH OUT!" The elder one came to a scream as his dongsaeng was running towards a medium-sized pumpkin soup puddle at the high speed. Of course, it was too late but SungMin managed to catch DongHae at the best timing, when DongHae was at the verge of hitting his head on the floor, by his waist and to add a little sensation, their faces were about a centimeter away. One could not pull away such a strong gaze made. Finally, SungMin decided to break the tension by clearing his throat, avoiding the younger one's eyes and asked "gwaenchanayo?"

DongHae pushed SungMin away, making a room for himself to straighten his back and to be on his own two feet. "Aish... of course I am! I'm not kid, hyung~ Aish... where was I... oh. Geurae. HYUK!!!! HYUKKK~~ LEE HYUKJAEEE~!!!!" and off he went to get his best friend, HyukJae, leaving


DongHae was sitting at the edge of his bed while examining the graze on his left arm and there’s one on his forehead but of course he could not see it without looking at it using a mirror. He got that cuts and grazes within one night. He fell of a bicycle while riding on it back home from the studio.

The door burst open. SungMin came in with a worried face and a first aid box. He had no clue why the younger one been acting careless recently. He carefully wiped the blood on DongHae’s forehead using the antiseptic wipes. “How did all these happened? What were you thinking?” SungMin asked DongHae in a serious but yet calm tone.

“Like I said, I tripped down while riding a bike. I was trying to avoid a rock” DongHae explained.

“Jinjjayo? Oh. I thought you’re coming home with Hyuk. Where is he anyways?” SungMin questioned while applying iodine on the graze before placing a plaster to cover up the graze on DongHae’s forhead.

DongHae winced in pain before began to answer the older one’s curiosity.

“He said that he would stay a little bit longer with Siwon since they both got the part in that new drama”

“I thought he promised you this morning that he’ll have dinner with you? Omo~ have you had your dinner yet?”

“He did but shit happen sometime” mumbled DongHae, looking a little upset before continueing “Aish hyung! Why are you being like this?” DongHae sounded annoyed. SungMin on the other hand remained still, placing plaster on the younger’s arm and everything fell silent.

“Hyung, can I asked you something?” DongHae asked, his voice was low enough to become a whisper.

“Yeah. Sure, go ahead” SungMin did not look at his eyes, he was busy packing away the ointments into the box.

“Why do you always look out for me?”



“Well… as a hyung to a dongsaeng, it’s my responsibility to take care of you”

“A responsibility?”

“Geurae. Responsibility. Wae?”

“Oh. Aniyo. Just asking. Thanks hyung~” DongHae thanked. SungMin then took his leave with the box after answering to his dongsaeng’s question and once DongHae has turned his back on him.

“DongHae-ah~” SungMin stopped at the front of door once he remembered something.

“Ne hyung?”


“Ah~ hmmm gwaenchanayo. Meokgo shilreo. Thanks anyways”

Once SungMin actually left the room, DongHae quickly locked the door and buried his face on his pillow and sobbed quietly.

And so it was just a responsibility after all…

Nothing else…

All this while I’ve been wasting time holding this feeling away from him…

Lee DongHae, you babo. Jeongmal baboya.

Lee SungMin, neo nappeun nom…

And so, DongHae fell asleep with one broken heart.

Earlier during that day, all SungMin thought DongHae was running across the living room just to get to HyukJae’s room when the truth is that DongHae just wanted his hyung’s attention and he did not expect to trip down and SungMin managed to catch him on the right time. The moment when their gaze met and how their faces was closer to each other, DongHae’s heart beats fast.

HyukJae did not ditch DongHae for SiWon but DongHae did. He purposely told SiWon to keep HyukJae company as well as they can practice the script, even though there is no flaw on the scene and HyukJae told DongHae to give it a rest since they’ve been practicing on the same scene for more than a hundred times already but DongHae managed to convince his best friend that shit can happen anytime.

HyukJae did promise DongHae that he’ll buy him dinner once the practice is done but DongHae told HyukJae that to save it until his birthday. Therefore he abruptly leaves HyukJae confused, and sped up to get back home just to have dinner with SungMin.


The sun shone on DongHae’s face which caused him to wake up from his sleep. It seemed that he has forgot what happened last night when he get off from his bed with his eyes squinted without lie-ins and some thinking during the morning.  As he was about to leave his room for the loo, he found a pink note stuck on the door. He pulled it off before began to read it.


Mianhae. I could not get my words right last night. It was too sudden when you asked that question. To be honest, it was more than just a responsibility. I hope you’ll understand why I did all those things to you. However, I won’t put this ‘responsibility’ away, so don’t even think of being independent. Sorry for barge into your room while you were asleep. In case you’re wondering, I’ve used paper clips to unlock you bedroom door. HeeChul hyung thought me how.


SungMin Hyung.

P/S: Don’t even think of hiding your feelings away, you're terrible at it! ^^;;

DongHae response with a smile but he still eager on pretending as if nothing has happened this morning. Once he opened the door, he could smell food and how his tummy growls suddenly. He forgot that he didn’t have any dinner because he was too upset.

On the dinner table, there’s a bowl of porriage, a set of American Breakfast on a plate and hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. He looked around the room for anyone but looks like he was on his own so he hurriedly gobble everything down without think of the mess and his table manners.

“Aaah~ baebulleo~” he moaned with a smile on his face. Then suddenly, SungMin in a baby pink t-shirt and khaki cropped pants, came out from his room, looking straight to DongHae with a smile.

“Omo~ DongHae you babo. You got whipped cream on your lips~ Let me clean it up for you~”